Within the Budget


We believe that time is money. Employing a full-time janitorial service staff around the clock can be a costly overhead expense for a company. Let us show you how our systems, procedures and measurable guarantees of performance translates into real dollars and cents savings.



4 Point Checklist


To guarantee you get the quality of cleaning you deserve, your building will be thoroughly inspected each night using our special nightly "QC checklist". You'll have value in knowing our Field Manager will personally be overseeing quality control of our cleaning staff.  If you ever are not 100% satisfied with a's free.

Think Green And Clean


Coming to work in an office that's clean and comfortable gives us all a wonderful feeling. For those 8 hours, it can mean the difference between production or counting down the clock. In a city that never sleeps, it can even be longer. We incorparate Green Cleaning techniques and products as a standard to our services to protect your workers with allergen reduction and the environment with our time-tested Maid 2 Hire cleaning methods.


Consultation Service


How do you guarantee clean?  As the economy opens up and we get back to work, cleaning will be required to keep your staff safe.  Hiring a cleaning company to clean and not checking to ensure that your facility is COVID-free is winning half the battle. 


We’ve been up-to-date with CDC guidelines and have worked diligently to tailor targeted disinfection strategies with state-of-the-art commercial disinfection applications. So we're aware of what's required to ensure a complete cleaning.


We offer consultation services to assess your cleaning program and confirm by providing (ATP) testing technology to guarantee hospital-level standards of disinfection. 


We are on the ground and will work with your company’s janitorial staff or representative to ensure your facility is free from contamination and will assist in on-going assessment and improvement in your cleaning program.  Call us.


Our Company



Maid 2 Hire is a professional cleaning service built on the notion that the appearance of your office or facility is often an extension of the image you project to others. Quality, Reliability, and Tailored services to meet your needs are just a few of the many qualities we acquire. We pride ourselves on keeping up with state of the art cleaning techniques and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our principle belief is that our customers want a cleaning service that is attentive, cost effective, and quality driven. These attributes are often lost with the larger profit driven cleaning service businesses and can only be attained from a company with a scale tailored to personally meet your individual needs. By choosing Maid 2 Hire, you are assured of quality service above reproach with a facility enhanced to reflect the professional image you wish to project to your clients, employees, and visitors alike.


Our Staff



Employees are thoroughly trained in effective modern cleaning techniques to minimize exposure to germs by disinfecting surfaces with environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning equipment. Our employees reflect professionalism in their appearance with uniforms and highly visible company identification cards. We insure compliance to our Standard Operating Procedures by thoroughly screening all potential employees through background checks and references. Our field Supervisors maintain quality control over our field staff by overseeing cleaning activities upon initial contract start-up, ensuring our 4 Point Checklist System is thoroughly being implemented and providing periodic inspections thereafter. Our staff is trustworthy, reliable, and tailored to provide you with quality driven services to meet the high standards and integrity you wish to project from your home or facility. Maid 2 Hire is fully insured, providing liability and property damage coverage and all other applicable forms of insurance coverage for your security and well being.



Why we are Maid 2 Hire


  • Cleaning Services are 100% guaranteed
  • Usage of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • State of the art cleaning equipment
  • Supervised staff to ensure quality control
  • Scheduled periodic visits from Supervisory Staff for quality assurance
  • Trustworthy, Dependable, and Attentive cleaning crew
  • Safe cleaning service procedures
  • Use of a 4 Point Check List system
  • Cost effective / Competitive Rates
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